(C) www.millikenbros.com site design Terms Payments Privacy Milliken Bros. aim to consistently provide you with the highest quality product to meet your needs here are some customer comments as we believe that those who use our products are best place to comment on them. To my mind Milliken Bros is the best art suppliers in Northern Ireland if not all Ireland. Why go anywhere else?” John Breakey "A visit to Milliken's artists' supplies in Greyabbey lifts the spirit of any jaded painter! I can choose the exact canvas weave to meet my specific requirements of paint flow, and they (you) offer a wonderful combination of excellent quality of materials and superb service Good luck with the website” Brian Ballard "I have exclusively used Milliken's bespoke primed linen canvases since 2005.  They are my favourite choice because Millikens provide a friendly, approachable, family-based service with a very top-class consistent product, and an efficient delivery service where the canvases  always arrive when they say and in perfect condition.  It's like Christmas every time I open a new order of canvases, so exciting to see them all pristine and white and smelling tantalizingly of linseed and promise! All the best for the future, love your product - love you! Lucy Doyle "I've been using Milliken Bros. stretched canvases exclusively since 2004 and have always found their construction and quality to be of the highest standards.  More impressive however is the eagerness of all at Milliken's to seek to meet the unique individual requirements that artists often have, whether in relation to sizes, surface finishes or stretcher adaptations.  Such a personalized service is not so common these days. Long may they continue”. Mark Shields “Without question the best canvases, stretchers that I've ever had made.  The birchwood panels are equally superb, beautifully crafted.” Jeffrey Morgan “I have always found Milliken Bros' canvases to be of the highest quality.  They provide a very reliable, prompt and excellent service.  They are courteous and polite and are always a pleasure to deal with”. Liam Belton R.H.A. “I have been dealing with Milliken Brothers for over a quarter of a century.  The canvas and stretcher frames they have supplied to me are second to none.  And they are wonderful gentlemen to do business with.” Neil Shawcross Stretched Canvas and Stretcher Bar manufacturers Artists Canvases and Stretcher Bars Home  About us Stretcher Frames Canvases Panels Custom Store Testimonials Contact Us More.... Client Testimonials