(C) www.millikenbros.com site design Poplar We make stretcher bars from kiln dried poplar. Poplar, also known as tulipwood, has been used in stretcher bar manufacture for centuries. It is a strong, lightweight hardwood that is very resistant to warping and splitting. Our 19mm bars are available in lengths up to 760mm (30"). All other depths are available in any length, with cross member supports added to any bar over 910mm (36"). For bars over 3m (10') in length, we have a tried and tested technique for making bars in two parts, joined with a recessed steel brace. Introduction  Poplar  Pine Re-Stretching Quality Prices Order Online Terms Payments Privacy Stretched Canvas and Stretcher Bar manufacturers Artists Canvases and Stretcher Bars Home  About us Stretcher Frames Canvases Panels Custom Store Testimonials Contact Us