(C) www.millikenbros.com site design About Milliken Bros. Milliken Bros. is a small family business established in 1989 when Alyn Milliken, who at the time ran an art gallery and framing business in Bangor Co. Down, realised the potential for the manufacture and supply of high quality stretcher bars and canvases. Since then the business has continued to grow and now Milliken Bros. employs several members of the family and skilled wood machinists. For many years now, Milliken Bros. have held the unassailable reputation as Ireland's leading stretched canvas makers. From our workshops in Co. Down we produce the finest painting supports and supply the finest linen and cotton to produce an item worthy of carrying the work of Ireland's leading artists. Quality wooden Stretcher Bars and Canvases Custom made  Stretcher Bars and Canvases Custom made artists frames and Canvases Aartists stretcher bars and frames Quality canvases Terms Payments Privacy Stretched Canvas and Stretcher Bar manufacturers Artists Canvases and Stretcher Bars Home  About us Stretcher Frames Canvases Panels Custom Store Testimonials Contact Us